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  Selection and Procurement  
We screen all our agro products right from the growing stage and select only the choicest raw stock. We exercise complete control of goods at the farm level for cost-quality optimization. The selected crude is then used for various purposes i.e. grinding, cracking, cleaning, sifting, repacking or simple trade. Our procurement process is well-knit and meets stringent quality and delivery standards. Our customers bank on us because we have demonstrated time and again of delivering quality goods in-time.Our customer-centric work culture and business attitude has fostered enduring relationships even across borders.
  Quality control process  
We exercise stringent quality norms which come to effect right from the selection stage and are put into practice at every stage (from procurement to export) after that. Quality is ensured through equal representation of an independent audit bureau as well as an in-house auditor.
  Production and Storage  
Specially built warehouses are employed to orchestrate the storing and maintenance of our products for any length of time. At some places the warehouses are equipped to control temperature and humidity. This ensures that the yield stays as good as it was when plucked fresh from the farmlands.
  A wide network  
Herbs N Spices International has a widespread and well-knit network of agents, brokers, and suppliers. It enjoys great rapport with every single entity in the supply chain. This is not an overnight manifestation but an outcome of years of commitment, trust, and loyalty between our customers and us. We have always broken new grounds while instilling faith in our customers.
  An efficient operational system  
We are fully equipped to ensure swift procurement and processing of your cargo and delivering it at your doorstep. Our seamless execution not only echoes in the efficient procurement chain but also while maintaining cargo integrity and quality throughout the cumbersome process of port clearing, forwarding and stevedoring activities. In doing this, we don't just attain high levels of customer satisfaction but achieve pure customer delight.
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